Whiteboard Dusters Details

Whiteboard Dusters

Whiteboard dusters are overly simplified tools for cleaning and wiping your whiteboards clean of all the reminiscent belongings of a marker. Generally such whiteboard dusters are used for the most obvious purpose which is to wipe off the marker marks from the magnetic whiteboard. Using a refillable eraser is a more environmentally friendly and economical option, as you're not replacing the whole thing every time. The idea of using a magnetic eraser is that it is more easier to keep it on the board at all times and the risk of misplacing it in the first place does not even come into questioning. The eraser is magnetic so you can keep it with your board at all times. Whiteboard dusters are an essential utility item for the purpose of clearing the written stuff on a whiteboard. Whiteboard dusters have a magnet within them which helps them hold their position by being attacked the board itself. There is also a plastic panel on the bottom side of the whiteboard where the markers and the white board dusters can be placed when nothing is being used. The whiteboard dusters also generally have a perforation of open sockets in which the whiteboard markers can be attached.