Ball Pen Details

Ball Pen

A ballpoint pen, also known as a ball pen, is a pen that dispenses ink (usually in paste form) over a metal ball at its point, i.e. over a "ball point". The metal commonly used is steel, brass, or tungsten carbide. It was conceived and developed as a cleaner and more reliable alternative to dip pens and fountain pens, and it is now the world's most-used writing instrument millions are manufactured and sold daily. As a result, it has influenced art and graphic design and spawned an artwork genre. Ballpoint pens are produced in both disposable and refillable models and are acquired by various organizations accordingly. Ballpoint pens are used for everyday writing purposes and have a legitimate requirement for constant supply in more areas. Ballpoint pens are kept under the desks and tables of almost every office related workplace and every individual has at least a unit of ball pen present on their person irrespective of the condition they are in although keeping in mind that these are office persons in workplace scenarios.